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  • History

    1.History The Administrative Enforcement Act of Republic of China was amended and promulgated on November 11,1998,turning those who fail to meet their monetary obligation imposed by law from the jurisdiction of the court into the hand of local branches of Ministry of Justice Administrative Enforcement Agency. Established as a result on January 1,2001,Hualien Branch has jurisdiction over the entire Hualien County and Taitung County (with a total population of approximately 550,000). The original location of Hualien Branch was reposed in the heart of Hualien City (No.101, Beibin St., Hualien City 97048). Due to the increase amount of case received from transferring institutions as well as the additional workforce that have been placed on duty in recent years, therefore the office was heavily crowded. In 2017, government budget was inquired and compiled by Administrative Enforcement Agency in order to renovate the office structure previously known as National Taxation Bureau Hualien Division. The newly furnished building completed in September 2018 and was relocated from former location to No. 612, Fuqian Rd., Hualien City 97065 on December 27th.With the brand new appearance Hualien Branch has today, its goal is set to provide a much more convenient and yet comforting environment for both the civilian and the working staff.  In addition,Taitung County Administrative Enforcement Officer's Office has been set up at No.310,Ehejiang Rd Taitung City within the downtown area for local residents' easy access. 2.Current Condition During the year of 2001 when Hualien Branch was initially formed , many systems were yet to be established. But, everyone has worked selflessly together as a team. Until December, 2018, received a total of 3,565,858cases and 3,242,142cases were closed . In as short as seventeen years, all together NT$8,665,046,957 has been collected for the Treasury. 3.Prospect The Administrative Enforcement Agency was the first government agency formed in the 21 century. We as a member of the new millennium will strive to come up to the expectation of the people. In our endeavor to collect payments from those who have failed to pay their dues, we will work closely with agencies within the jurisdiction to enforce the law, with the hope that as we defend the interest of the public and strengthen our Treasury we may be able to help construct a fair, law-abiding environment where social justice will done without delay.    


Information for business visits

  • Information for business visits

      Service hoursThis office adopts a staggered system of attendanceStaggered office hours: whole day, 08:00 ~ 09:00, 17:00 ~ 18:00Lunch break: 12:30 ~ 13:30, not staggered.Solid office hours: whole day, 09:00 ~ 12:00, 13:30 ~ 17:00Closed on Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday Hualien Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency (First Office) Telephone DirectoryOperator:03-8348516~20   Address:No.602,Fuqian Road ,Hualien City,Hualien County 97048,Taiwan (R.O.C.)  Contact information for Hualien office Unit Extension Fax Director 600 03-8352228 Enforcement Officer First Devision 610 03-8348532 Enforcement Officer Second Devision 620 03-8348532 Secretarial Office 200 03-8352228 Specialist 201 03-8331478 Section Assistant 205   Secretariat Clerk 206   Clerk 202   Personal Office 240 03-8322391 Accounting Office 250 03-8352028 Statistics Office 260 03-8348549 Case Assignment Office 280 03-8352228 Lian Clerk 151 03-8348521 Yi Clerk 190 03-8348531 Zhong Clerk 181 03-8348526 Xiao Clerk 130 03-8348531 He Clerk 161 03-8348521 Li Clerk 310 03-8348526 Ren Clerk 171 03-8348526 Xin Clerk 320 03-8348531 Ping Clerk 171 03-8348521 Local Tax Bureau, Hualien County Government (Accredited Person) 113   Eastern Division, National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (Accredited Person) 116   National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, Ministry of Finance (Accredited Person) 120   Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor (Accredited Person) 111 03-8343936 Volunteers 110     Taitung City Administrative Enforcement Officer's Office :(Located at Taitung District Prosecutors Office Building 1F)Operator:089-362953~4Address:No.310,Zhejiang Rd.,Taitung City,Taitung County 950,Taiwan (R.O.C.)                       Contact information for Taitung office Unit Telephone Fax Case Officer and Xiao Clerk 089-362953 089-362955 Local Tax Bureau, Taitung County Government (Accredited Person) 089-362953   Eastern Division, National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (Accredited Person) 089-361832   National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, Ministry of Finance (Accredited Person) 089-349976  


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