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Vision of the organization

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Vision of the organization

I.Introduction of Corporate Management:

Due to the vast jurisdiction Hualien Branch has covered (including both Hualien and Taitung Counties). Therefore, it is crucial to follow the cost-benefit concept in order to perform economically as a corporate enterprise. For instance, after accepting one enforcement case, the obligor would first be notified on a written notice. The obligor will then have the options of making a payment via wiring or paying at the designated location upon request.


II.Establishing A Rule of Law Perspective for All Civilian:

During the process of administrative enforcement, the relevant laws and regulations are provided to public so that the civilian will not be desponding by certain administration or its policy. Thus, the trust and respect between the civil and legal system would be built on a consistent basis.


III.Establishing A New Image for the Institution:

By getting rid of the stereotypes of civil servant in the past, the public service is set to be incorruptible, efficient as well as reliant in the pursuit for group performance. At last, such result will bring out the cordial, harmonious attitude from the employees towards general civilian.


IV. Participating in Charity Events for the Minority in terms of breaking the Stereotype of the Law Enforcement Agency and to reform a New Image.

By participating in local charity works for the minority, the obligors whom struggled financially were aided and therefore able to fulfill their obligation. Meanwhile, through stripping off the barrier between the law enforcement agency and the civilian, images of cordial and amiable were established afresh.

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