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Area of Jurisdiction

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This place jurisdiction district contains Hualian County, the Taitung County altogether 29 villages and township cities.

Hualian County area : 4,628.57 square kilometers, population around 329 thousand people.

Including:Sincheng Township, Hualian City, Ji-an Township, Shoufong Township, Fonglin Township, Guangfu Township, Fongbin Township, Rueisuei Township, Fuli Township, Yuli Township, Sioulin Township, Wanrong Township, and Jhuoxi Township altogether 13 villages and township cities.





Hualien County Map



Taitung County area : 3,515.25 square kilometers, population around 219 thousand people.

Including:Chang pin Township, Cheng gong Township, Tsisan Township, Tungho Township, Kwanshan Township, Luyeh Township, Taitung, Taimali Township, Tawu Township, Haituan Township, Yenpin Township, Peinan Township, Ging Feng Township, Tajen Township, Lu Tao Township, and Lan yu Township 16 villages and township cities.









Taitung County Map



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