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Amazing golden bullion auction will be held on July 13, 2022.

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Taiwan Taitung District Prosecutors Office(Taitung DPO) investigated the seizure of 27 gold bullion (about 1 kilogram each) in an Anti-Corruption Act case involving Dr. Chen of the former Taitung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The Hualien Branch of Administrative Enforcement Agency , Ministry of Justice (Hualien Branch) was entrusted to auction by Taitung DPO. As the total market value was close to NT$50 million, very rare in history of the Administrative Enforcement Agency auction, the news was reported by the media and immediately aroused attention.

The auction was originally scheduled for mid-May 2022, but was postponed due to the current circumstances surrounding Omicron. During the postponed days, many people called to ask, now it will be held on July 13, 2022.

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